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An overview of all the Maptypen in Counter-Strike happen:


"Defusion scenario" (de_mapname)

The Defusion scenario "is the usual scenario in leagues. One of the Ts starts with a C4 explosive, which at one of the two specially marked courses can be placed. The aim of the Ts is the bomb, and for so long to defend until the igniter time expired. The CTs must either laying the bomb prevented by the pre-Ts off or defuse the bomb placed. This will reduce Entschärfungs set (Defuse Kit), which go back to the beginning of the round can acquire the necessary time significantly (from 10 to 5 seconds).

Victory for the CTs:

     * All Ts were off (and the bomb was not yet laid).
     * Bomb was defused (if it was laid by the Ts).
     * Put the bomb in the specified time prevented (from version 1.6 and CS: S is the lap time up to the detonation of the bomb extended).

Victory for the Ts:

     * All CTs were off.
     * Bomb is detoniert.

"Hostage Rescue scenario" (cs_mapname)

At or near the starting point-T (also called "base" or base), there are three or four hostages, which of the CTs in a free and Rescue Association (often the starting point of the CTs) must be escorted. For each CT mentioned as a hostage to get 150 U.S. dollars (provided that the hostage was in this round have not yet mentioned), for each hostage rescued gets the same Geis Free 1,000 U.S. dollars.

Victory for the CTs:

     * All Ts were off.
     * At least half of the hostages survive and live all hostages are rescued.

Victory for the Ts:

     * All CTs were off.
     * Lap time has expired.

"Assassination scenario"

A controlled by a player in the VIP CT team must flee from the map. The VIP can not buy weapons or record and has only a pistol and a double-strong Kevlar vest. It must be based on the starting point using the CTs the so-called "Rescue Zone". The Ts have to prevent this. This scenario is less popular than the other two and is barely on the public servers to find as a very good tactic is needed to death in front of the VIP protection. In Counter-Strike: Source, this scenario.

Victory for the CTs:

     * All the terrorists were eliminated.
     * VIP was successfully flee.

Victory for the Ts:

     * The VIP was off.
     * Flight was for the duration of the round prevented.

"Escape scenario" (es_mapname)

The Ts have a fixed "escape zone" - just like "the level flee," the CTs must prevent this. The Ts can not buy weapons, near the Spawnpoints there is a weapons warehouse, where they can equip. Players who successfully passed the "escape zone", divorced from the current round. The scenario is not very popular and has even before the first final version again. It is possible, it maps in Counter-Strike 1.6 to use, but this is not officially supported.

Victory for the CTs:

     * All Ts were off.
     * Less than half of the Ts were safe from round to end free.

Victory for the Ts:

     * All CTs were off.
     * At least half of the Ts successfully liberated.

Additional tickets

CSDE maps
     In CSDE maps, players can choose whether to freeing hostages / hold or put a bomb / defuse. The game is the same principle as in Defusion scenario and Hostage Rescue scenario.

Aim-Maps (aim_mapname)
     In Aim maps (English to aim - aim) to start both teams with the same or - on some maps - with specified weapons. The teams are usually on a certain distance, some with visual contact. The maps are deliberately kept very simple, usually you are directly with relatively little coverage. The targeted shooting, the accuracy of the player to be improved. Frequently, the textures known maps (for example de_aztec) use to which the maps in these cases may be nominated.

AWP Maps (awp_mapname)
     In AWP maps both teams start from the beginning with the Sniper Rifle, AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum). This turns the opponents (mostly) the first hit. These maps should help the player with his accuracy (aiming) to improve the AWM as the strongest weapon in the game. The name comes from the maps of the former name of the AWM than AWP.

Scoutknivez maps (scoutknivez_mapname)
     In Scoutknivez maps both teams start from the beginning with the Steyr Scout with little ammunition - mostly shot just 10 - and a knife. In most cases, the teams in different buildings compared to from there to stand against each other. Since very little ammunition in the gun, the knife is often the only way in a duel to defend melee. On many servers is the gravitational reduced to jumping on a high building, which is tactical advantages.

Scoutdeaglez maps
     Maps this is the same principle as the basis Scoutknive maps, but each player receives an additional Desert Eagle with a full magazine.

Fun Maps (fy_mapname)
     The design of the Fun Maps (fy stands for funyard, partly fun_mapname) is a quick battles. The level architecture is usually easier and more manageable than the other scenarios, sometimes out particularly for example in the form of a Glaslabyrinths or Piratengefechts between seagoing vessels. Tactical action is rarely necessary, therefore, these maps towards the end of LAN parties very popular, if the concentration of the players off.

     Fun-map is also a general term for maps, the "normal" standard maps do not comply with fire and a quick battle, difficult to manage or similar ways include, which is not the true sense of the game.

DB-Maps (he_mapname)
     DB-Maps (DB stands for High Explosive and relates to Granatentyp in the game) consist of a clear space of a wall divided into equal halves. In each hand grenades half are distributed on the ground with the teams bewerfen. The cards require a skillful and precise throwing the grenades.

TP-Maps (TP_mapname)
     In TP maps (TP stands for third person and refers to the view of the player), the cards usually from a clear space, from a bird's-eye perspective and not as usual from the personal perspective is represented. Since the view is mostly fixed, the players are also reduced. Control is as usual keyboard and mouse, but matches are due to the lack of precise objective possibility of luck.

Kreedz maps (kz_mapname)
     In Kreedz or even climbing maps, it is the goal with skills to the platform to jump without herunterzufallen and a particular point on the map (usually the highest point of increase) faster than the others. This is the time for opponents to undercut their own is in the target. On some servers will automatically injury healed, or the function of one's own team - to play this type Map only as a CT - attack, off to interference to prevent climbing. Furthermore, some server through a so-called "Checkpoint" system in which you reached a point on the map can reset or the possibility of any save waypoints.

Messer-Maps (ka_mapname)
     At knife-Maps (Knife Area), the only player on a knife and must be skillful action by the enemy off. Since the knife only in a very short distance effect, is the direct contact with the enemy.

     A popular map is ka_legoland. This map is in the style of Lego has been created. Also known is the Map ka_soccer, the theme of football and to implement the man off the enemy also, by a gate.

Council maps
     Council maps are vast worlds, in which the player the approximate size of a rat. Motives are, for example, kitchens, bathrooms, living room, children's room or several interconnected rooms. The player is here, for example, on shelves, tables or cables and can be equipped with "fun elements" interact. For instance, you can sometimes the light ausschießen, jump pads on high or wide or jump through teleporters through the room beaming. The objectives correspond to the standard scenario CT to T.

Zombie Maps (zm_Name_outbreak)
     Zombie maps are based on normal "Counter-Strike: Source" cards and differ from those in part, responsible for the Mod changed, so they have something vergammelt and darker look.

     On these maps (sj_mapname) have the players, which is only equipped with a knife, a bright shining ball in the goal of the opposing teams shoot. Moving the ball, and counting the gates is determined by a special server-Mod. By setting this Mods get damages if one of the ball, as if too long in the opposing penalty area, so you do not "dust", or the enemy directly kill again, because after death directly back in his own penalty area revived (respawnt). A round ends when a team has 15 goals. In addition, you can through experience points (XP = Experience Points) capabilities (Abilities), with a view to faster, stronger, more hp (Health Points) and so on. The most popular map is soccerjam.

     However, there is also another variant Soccer. The aim here is just the ball into the goal to promote. If the ball is in goal, the opposing team eliminated and the winning team gets a round assigned. In most servers get the players more life points to hard shots are not eliminated. The most popular map is ka_soccer_2006_v3

Surf Maps (surf_mapname)
     On these maps, the players, in the truest sense of the word, surfing.

     They jump from high points on elongated ramps and punish always against the wall - so they gain an enormous speed and there are extraordinary leaps and flights. Always aberwitzigere moves require extreme talent of the surfers - similar to the "kreedzen" - but much faster and spectacular!

     When CS-Surfing the Half-Life engine to its limits exhausted. Despite standard server settings by the giant ramps incredible speeds only permits sv_airaccelerate and sv_wateraccelerate be set at 100 to 10 times higher acceleration.

     Teleport between different sections allow a more efficient use of space, because the place of the Mappern in CS 1.6 is available, given the gigantic leap and flight distances while surfing tight, the source engine offers better opportunities.

     There are two basic Maptypen. These differ from each other by the composition of the ramps. One type, for example, the surf_liberty the maps and surf_whiteknight, are Maps are not defined objective, but for creative overcoming the challenge ramps. "The path is the goal" is the motto here. The player has the freedom to various wild ramps durchsurfen without walls to be blocked. These maps are mostly of 2 teams at the same time as they used to for some time lose its attraction, as evidenced by the "default scenario" also off the opponent, to be reduced.

     The second Maptyp offers usually given long road sections, which aim only at a specified way to achieve. This is surfing the contrast to the first category is not an end in itself. Usually the goal is the so-called top and is above the starting point. In general, these maps only by a political group, the CTs played to the "surfers" not by wild Beschießen off, thereby helping to force out. Known Maps are, for example surf_mindspin, surf_maya and surf_dunedin.

     If you down, one can be found in a prison (jail) teleport in the fight against the prisoners. Surft you complete the course, you can choose between teleporters, which spawns on the various and bring to a position from which one from secure positions in the shoot spawn. Frequently there are switches, either a door to freedom for the prisoners open, or kill all prisoners.

     Another map option closest to the standard scenario approach. In it are the surf ramps rather marginal and serve more as a means of transport to the players a faster movement to allow lap during the course of the standard. These maps generally offer two main bases, from which several ramps to the enemy base. Examples are surf_war and surf_towers.

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