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Here again an overview of all weapons and equipment in Counter-Strike.

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The USP is the standard weapon of CTs. It offers a 12-shot magazine and 100 surplus reserve. The weapon is optional with a silencer bestückbar, this reduces the penetrating power and the damage caused. The USP is stronger than the 18th GLOCK Their precision is in the short and medium distance well and even at great distance still very precise. Without sufficient helmet a head shot from a short distance to an opponent off. When opponents protected by helmets are available with or without silencers several head shots. The target accuracy remains in continuous fire relatively high.

     * GLOCK 18 (9 x 19 mm Sidearm)

The Glock 18 is the standard weapon of Ts, while the cheapest weapon in the game. It offers 20 shot gun and 120 reserve. The damage and the precision with fire duration is less than the USP, the firing rate is similar. The weapons on Feuersalven (burst Fire) switchable, they are fired after three balls and offer a kind of shotguns effect with a much lesser damage. The weapon in this melee is very dangerous because a full volley in a head even hit by a full helmet off. The burst mode shot reduces the frequency compared to the single shot mode strong, so this mode is usually only experienced players recommended. In single-shot mode is also available on direct distance a head shot, with a helmet, even two head shots, not fatal.

     * Desert Eagle (Nighthawk .50 C)

The Desert Eagle (short form: DEagle) is the strongest gun in the game, it offers seven shot in the magazine and shot 35 as a reserve. It can with a AK-47 measure, because the damage they caused, in the short to medium distance very high. This gun is the only one with a head hits a helmet protected by a player off, so they practiced hands, against players with automatic weapons. At long distance, the penetrating power and hence the damage relatively quickly. The precision can over the medium to long distances to be desired - but growing strongly, if the player in hockende position. In this position, it is also a Desert Eagle possible opponents on wide distance with 1 to 2 shot off.

     * SIG P228 (228 Compact)

The SIG Sauer P228 offers 13 shooting and 52 shot reserve. It meets only the first shot very carefully, because while shooting only a small scattering radius causes and is therefore mostly about other pistols. If you are a "small crosshairs", beat the bullets also like outside this crosshair on what a statement on the accuracy of the P228 difficult. The weapon is very negatively by their lack penetrating power and its only minimal damage. It is therefore right for fighting, especially on short distance ill-suited. In the busy melee prove to the six additional shot in comparison to the Desert Eagle, however, be helpful.

     * FN Five-SeveN (ES Five-Seven)

The FN FN Five-seven of CTs can only be purchased and shot 20 summarizes shot plus 100 reserve. It must therefore be later than other guns nachgeladen. The accuracy of the weapon exceeds the Sig P228 slightly. It will be targeted mainly for head shots. The weapon causes similar damage as the low signal and is due to their higher price hardly used.

     * Dual Beretta 92F (.40 Dual Elites)

The Beretta can only be acquired by Ts and stands equal to twice the player available (left and right hand). Each of the two weapons summarizes 15 cycles in the magazine, the only player within 30 shots again. The damage these weapons cause is low, but the shots are fired very quickly. The player can weapons despite two very fast-moving, the time of loading pistols, however, is several seconds and their accuracy is compared to others rather low.


The shots of both shotguns can thin walls, boxes or doors not penetrate.

     * M3 Super 90 Entry (12 Gauge Super Leone)

The M3 Super 90 Entry "is a very durchschlagskräftige weapon and can be used in combat with a hit on an opponent off immediately. At long distance, however, it is almost useless. The weapon has a long loading phase between the shots, a player must after each shot a few moments to wait until he returned fire.

     * XM1014/M4 Super 90 (Leone YG1265 car Shotgun)

The XM1014/M4 Super 90 is a semi-automatic shotgun, which unlike the M3 Super quickly after the shots they can, they versachte damage, however, is lower. So you need about two to three good shots to eliminate opponents.

Machine guns

The shots from machine guns can not penetrate walls.

     * MP5 (KM Sub-Machine Gun)

The MP5 has 30 rounds and 120 surplus reserve. They shoot relatively unpräzises single fire, but spreads in continuous fire 30 rounds in a relatively small radius. The disfiguration weapon fire in less time and is therefore more time for beginners predestined usual fire. The penetrating power is moderate, but can be dangerous in the melee, as it is possible in continuous fire to run while orbiting the opponents. At the distance does not affect the performance soon after, even head shots caused only minor damage. In contrast to the M4 or AK, it is very likely to jump in hits to the head.

     * Universal machine gun (KM UMP45)

The HK UMP caused MP5 compared to a higher damage, shot their frequency is low, however. The magazine takes 25 shooting. The weapon takes head shots hit a higher impact.

     * FN P90 (ES C90)

The machine gun FN P90 combines shot 50 in the magazine and 100 surplus reserve. It is thanks to their medium damage, their high activity against body armor and the rapid fire rate well suited for quick fights at close range, long distance, but as good as useless because the shots stray too large radius. A part of the P90 is due to the high rate of fire-related munitions very high consumption and the slow loading.

     * Ingram Mac-10 (Ingram Mac-10)

The Ingram Mac-10 is only available to the Ts and take 30 rounds in the magazine and 90 shot reserve. Your cadence is high, the damage and the spread very high. The weapon is usually only Nahkämpfen and is hardly used. Targeted shots of experienced players can still be responsible for the deadly opponents. The weapon disfiguration strong upward.

     * Steyr Tactical Pistol Machine (Schmidt Machine Pistol) 

The weapon can only be bought by CTs. Your profile is similar to the Mac-10, but it is with a silencer. Since it provides a relatively high rate of fire has hardly disfiguration and may in experienced hands cause great harm. In the melee, very often and easily head shots. Fälschlicherweise will, as well as the MAC-10, often called "Uzi".


     * Colt M4A1 (Maverick M4A1 Carbine)

The M4A1 (also called M4 or Colt) is one of the most popular weapons of CTs. It offers 30 rounds in the magazine and 90 shot reserve. The second feature is an arms silencer on the weapon, you damage the effect of this weapon is slightly reduced. In return, the precision of the weapon by using the silencer in the medium distances in very low levels increased, this is especially the case duration fire.

     * AK-47 (CV-47)

The AK-47 is because of their precision and their high penetrating power of the weapon Ts It offers a 30-shot magazine and 90 shot reserve. Since the first two to three extremely accurate shot, it is with the AK-47 also possible to travel long distances with one to two hits to kill. During the running or the Springens, which is very difficult for a target on long distance, because the weapon is highly disfiguration.

     * Steyr AUG (Bullpup)

The Steyr AUG CTs can only be bought and has 30 rounds in the magazine, 90 reserve and shot a riflescope especially in the middle distances's advantage. In addition to the middle distance struggle is the weapon for the melee. With their high cadence provides a lot of shots in a short time, but spreads them in salvos of more than three shots very strong. It zooms not go as far as the other sniper rifles, directed little damage to their load times are longer than the storm guns.

     * SG 552 (war 552)

The weapon is only the Ts, and is in the function profile of the Steyr AUG comparable. As the SG 550 Commando is a variation of the Sturmgewehrs 90 dar. price and profile of the two differ not in the game, the SG 552 is lighter and has a lower load time. A disadvantage of this weapon is that the duration fire spreads very strong.

     * IMI Galil (IDF Defender)

The Galil can only be bought by Ts. It would harm middle-and medium-sized accuracy. They convinced above all by its fast rate of fire and their 35-shot magazine, which in the short distance can be very useful. Especially in close Maps cs_office as it is very popular.

     * GIAT FAMAS (Clarion 5.56)

The CT-equivalent to the Galil is the FAMAS. It has a better accuracy than the Galil, but from the damage her further downgraded. In the shock-fire mode (three shots almost simultaneously) it constitutes a lethal threat to distant opponents dar. It has the highest cadence of all weapons in the game (1,100 Profit / min.), With 25 shot but also a fairly small magazine.

Sniper rifles

     * Steyr Scout (Schmidt Scout)

The Scout is the best Sniper Rifle in the game, it has 10 shot and 90 shot reserve. The weapon is their light weight easy to handle and allows for very rapid change of position. The damage, depending on the hit zone, very different, often rich two hits, with a head shot is the opponent, whether with or without a helmet, immediately turned off. The weapon is relatively quiet during shooting, while shooting the man in dark corners often unendeckt. Since the damage in comparison to the AWP is relatively low and the sound of the weapon is relatively harmless acts sometimes referred to as "pump" or "air gun".

     * AI Arctic Warfare Magnum (Magnum Sniper Rifle)

The AWM is for medium to very long distances designed and difficult to handle because they shot from the movement or even without zoom very disfiguration. Without zoom is, like all snipers rifles since version 1.5, do not cross, therefore, the player is the precise targets in the zoom mode. The main disadvantage is the very long period of time between the shots, which ensures that when the first shot does not kill, you usually no chance for a second. The weapon is very loud and on the entire card. All direct hit above the knee turn the enemy. The AWM is next to the G3SG-1M249 paradise drittteuerste weapon in the game. In skilled hands, it is a very powerful weapon, and therefore to some servers banned because they enjoy the game quickly slowing. Users of this weapon from other players are often criticized as these because of their potency allegedly unfair. and

     * HK G3SG1 (D3/AU-1)

As a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle with optics, the G3SG1 shot 20 and a lens with two zoom levels. The impact and precision are great. The weight is compared with other sniper rifles quite low. This weapon is rarely used, because it less precise than the AWM and more expensive than this. In some cases, we can due to the semi-automatic even in the melee well with this weapon to defend this is complicated by the fact that the weapon in the melee no target device.

     * SG 550 Commando (war Commando 550)

The SG 550 Commando is the counterpart to HK G3SG1 on side of the CTs. In contrast to this is the game a much lower impact, the more of a normal Sturmgewehrs. The magazine takes 30 rounds. The SG 550 Commando in the game is about twice as heavy as the G3SG1.

Machine guns

     * FN M249 Paradise (M249)

The FN M249 paradise is the most expensive weapon and can absorb most of ammunition (100 shot shot plus 200 reserve). Due to the high weight of the players is quite slow. The weapon has a high stray radius and high recoil. Even a short volley is usually fatal for the objective and long lasting barrage this weapon card covers all areas. Their penetrating power is very high, walls or box can be similar to the M4 or AK-47 durchschiessen, this is the damage inflicted opponents roughly halved.

Other weapons and equipment to

     * Knife

The knife fits the opponent on two types of damage: the first, popularly known as "slots" referred attack, fast but weak attacks. The second attack "sting" is slower and adds significantly more damage. A key turns the key opponents with safety. The knife is particularly useful to an enemy off unnoticed. In Counter-Strike can be drawn knife faster than all other weapons run. In Counter-Strike: Source behave the same knife and pistol, running the fastest man here with the Schmidt Scout. in the back can lead to immediate death, a second

     * Hand grenade (DB)

A Sprenggranate (high explosive) is directed to the spherical explosion place linear decreasing damage. It is usually used to hide from their opponents to drive or already broken neutralize opponents. It can also lucky with several opponents simultaneously except battlefield, so you can decide itself at risk.

     * Blend grenade

The Blend is a grenade's throw weapon, which a few seconds after the throw and all exploded near the grenade persons for some time now blind. With skilful use, you can hide all opposing groups, which are then umherirren and easy prey for their enemies are wrong in litter can also create your own team members blinded. Up to CS: Source, there was a possibility by a rapid 180 degree turn before the glare to protect, it was only partially blinded and was with a slight white spot in the picture continues. In Counter Strike 1.6 is available this coverage more effectively.

     * Smoke grenade

The smoke grenade throwing is a weapon, which after the explosion part of the card with smoke einhüllt and thus the visibility hampered or completely restrict (especially in poor graphics cards, because then the smoke (smoke) black). This grenade is usually rapid advances in (rushen) used when the opposing group with sniper rifles equipped and therefore the range of snipers by the smoke limits. Another possibility is tactical use the suggestion of a hand grenade for the opponent. Between Counter-Strike 1.6Counter-Strike: Source, there are the smoke grenades differences. In Counter-Strike 1.6 smoke grenade explodes and sets the immediate environment full of smoke, while Counter-Strike: Source only after the smoke spread. and

     * Defuse Kit

The kit can only Defuse of counter-terrorists to be acquired. It serves to put the bomb quickly to defuse (5 instead of 10 seconds).

     * Nightvison

The Nightvison is a night vision device. On very dark Maps cs_winternights as it is a useful aid. It is because of its relatively high price rarely bought.

     * Tactical Shield

The tactical shield is only for the CTs. Its use makes the players for all non resounding invulnerable weapons from the front (except for shots in the feet, the front is kniender position but completely protected). The player moves significantly slower and can not shoot. If the shield is not used it depends on the side of the player and offers much less protection, and allows him to shoot. The equipment which may be filed only with pistols used.

The tactical shield was in version 1.6 and inserted in Counter Strike: Source removed because he often used by players who are with him in difficult access areas verschanzten and thus the game flow interrupted. This was also the occasion for many leagues, the shield in the so-called "League matches from 1.6 to prohibit them.

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