Terrorist Forces
Phoenix Connexion

Founded after the collapse of the Soviet Union, creates the Phoenix Connection allegedly out of the way each of them in the way. This organization belongs to the gefürchtesten terrorist groups in Eastern Europe! Responsible for more than 100 murders. Man takes part in the group in the U.S. Army Colonel James Clancy gets caught up in 1985 in Berlin. Terrorist acts in several countries go to the account of the Phoenix Connection, including attacks in Spain, Yugoslavia, Romania and the Czech Republic. Meisterhafte snipers and also familiar in dealing with explosives and education.


Not known, but the number of members increases. According to the latest estimates, the number of members in Eastern Europe alone on the 2500th Possible links to a radical Japanese terrorist group, was the influence of the Phoenix connection to the Far East would expand.

L337 Crew

Origin: Unknown!
A fundamentalist terrorist organization, whose members believe that their evil plans will allow the world to reign. On the account of the group to terrorist attacks in more than 20 countries, where 2000 people died. The objectives included the United States, England, France and Israel. One of the biggest attacks included the 1989 kidnapping of the Friendly Fly Airlines flight 983, whose pilot broadcast on national television was executed, as well as an attack on a Greek luxury cruise ship in which all persons on board were killed, as the members of the organisation which poisoned water supplies.


More 100 members, scattered all over the world. Preservation of Libya and Syria political support since 1987 and also training, logistical assistance and financial resources.

Arctic Avengers

Swedish terrorist cell, founded in 1977. Berüchtigt for their bombing of the Canadian Embassy in 1990. Immediately after the Brotherhood was founded, grew up the matter the Arctic-Avengers already on the head and they founded their own radical movement. Currently about Sweden, Switzerland and Austria dispersed, the Arctic-Avengers responsibility for more than 300 political assassination attempts and death of 2000 civilians. One of her most famous acts was the destruction of a residential home in Vienna - Austria, at the 478 came to life.

Although the group currently counts 400 members, the Arctic-Avengers thousands of supporters and sympathisers. They are financially supported by private> benefactors <support and lead secret recruitment meetings in various embassies across Europe. The Arctic-Avengers are masters of destruction and have experience in the fight man against man

Guerilla Warfare

As a terrorist group in the Middle East was founded, the group> guerrilla warfare <known for their ruthlessness. The reluctance of members to the American lifestyle significantly in 1982 when the group a bomb attack on a school bus filled with rock musicians perpetrated. The Group> guerrilla warfare <is the largest and best ausgerüstetste Terroroganisation the world. 1968 as the military branch of the military regime Reza founded, the main objective of the group is free enterprise, to destroy capitalism - which is why the United States. Mann assumes that the Organization for bombings at 8 shopping centers in the Midwest and for the sabotage of 2 Football stadiums is responsible.


Approximately 1,500 to 2000 armed members and a large number of supporters, mainly in rural areas. Is known for financial support from Syria and Libya!
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